Shaikh al-Albaani

Translations From His Works

Was al-Hajjaaj ibn Yusuf ath-Thaqafi a Kaafir?

Questioner: What is the correct view regarding al-Hajjaaj ibn Yusuf ath-Thaqafi?  Was he a kaafir?

Al-Albaani: Even though we attest to the fact that al-Hajjaaj was a profligate oppressor, we do not know that he denied anything known to necessarily be from the religion.  So it is not allowed to declare him to be a disbeliever based only on the fact that he was wicked, oppressed and killed innocent Muslims.

Fataawaa al-Madinah, 14.

Father Listening to Music and Looking at Female Dancers …

Questioner: A man that Allaah has put to trial through his aged father who does not abstain from sinning, like listening to singing, looking at women dancers and disparaging some of the Companions, and when he advises him he doesn’t listen, so is he sinful if he angers him when he does that which contradicts the legislation?

Al-Albaani: It is not allowed for the son to anger his parents.  Rather it is only for him to advise them both, acting in accordance with the obligation of advising from one angle and due to His Saying, “And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment,” [Israa 17:23] from another.

Fataawaa al-Madinah, 125.

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